Garage Rules

No whining, moaning or groaning allowed ! Crying is OK if you run out of beer or break a good tool. (Limited) bitching and complaining is acceptable. Pissing and moaning constitute whining.
Any project left inside the garage due to the lack of inability to fix it is subject to a paint touch-up. Color and quality is determined by availability of beer and spray paint. (Example)
At no time will an engine of Japanese descent be allowed to rev at more than 1200 rpm.
When human life is present the sacred concrete slab will be kept between 65 degrees and 85 degrees. Regulation will be done with the round black hot thing next to the bench.
At no time shall an overly intoxicated individual consume beer from a bottle jeopardizing the sacred concrete slab. The official mechanic and webmaster are excluded and can do any stupid thing they want (unless of course Mom says different).
No alcohol shall be consumed between the hours of 6:00am and 7:00am on February 29th unless it is a leap year. Only then can this rule be ignored.
The leaving of tools outside is punishable by shoveling the recreation field after each snow storm.
Some of the tools are sacred. Thrashing, trashing or disrespecting one of these tools is punishable by a lobotomy and / or castration.
If you enjoy the heat you will be expected to stack some wood. Not adhering to this rule will cause everyone to stare at you from inside the warm garage while you are fixing something outside of the garage next winter.
Drive it like you stole it !!!


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