John connects with a buck
 November 27, 2004
"Come on, pick your head up . . . if you don't pick your head up you're going to run into me . . . HORNS . . . PICK YOUR FUCKING HEAD UP DEER".   BANG !!!

The buck lumbered off behind some short soft-woods and John shot again. I swung my Marlin toward the direction of the shots and waited intensively for the action to switch to me. A few minutes later my radio keyed " I hit it."   So it went at 4:20 PM today.

John was sitting very close to where Michael had shot his 7 pointer the day before; I was northeast about 100 yards. We both were 15 to 25 yards below the fields watching down the runs. Peter had entered on the north side of the fields high.

I made my way over to where John had fired. We started looking for tracks and a blood-trail. Tracks we found; blood wasn't. At this point it was after "legal light", so we headed out to get rid of the rifles and make a plan. We met Peter at the rigs, called Corey in Whitefield (5:15 PM) for help, stopped at John and Sue's for a soda and chips, picked up a couple lights at Walmart to help with the search, headed back to the top of the fields, grouped up with Peter and Corey and headed back in.

So, the "track in the dark began."   Within 25 yards of the first shot we pick up the track. The buck was dragging a leg. Within another 25 yards Peter and Corey picked up blood in the track. For the next hour we focused 8 eyes and four flashlights a foot at a time down the ridge into the lower and much thicker area. We found where the deer had laid down. There was a bed and blood; we continued on. A half hour later we found a second bed. It didn't look good; blood, but not enough blood. We marked a tree and headed out. We got to the rigs at 8:00 PM and made a plan to meet in the morning to continue the search.

Peter had gone in early to sit. John picked up Jedro and I met them at the trail-head around 7:45 AM and headed in to meet-up with Peter. An hour later Corey and CJ headed in from the north. We searched and hunted the area for 2.5 or 3 hours. During that time several deer where jumped but we didn't come up with the deer from the night before. I was out around 11:00 AM, talked to John for a bit, and headed home.

John had said he was heading home too, but couldn't. He went back in and spent another hour or two looking. It's a horrible feeling knowing you shot a deer and that deer is out there bleeding. I think we did every thing we could, and then some.

John hates Coye-dogs. I told him that it was alright if they fattened up on that deer because murdering them this winter would be just as good. He didn't agree. I don't think much of coyotes either, but with the purchase of my 17" Remington pump .270, I need some targets. If we shoot one within 5 miles of that area, it will be "the one" and all will be good in my mind.

* * * Corey and Peter dogged that wounded buck. I'll tell you this now, these Hall guys are scarey! Twice during the tracking Corey said "I smell blood". Both times we found where the wounded deer had laid down and Corey was right. You don't want these guys tracking you (if you don't want to be found). * * *