Tom's first hunt in a long time.
 November 12 - 13, 2004
Saturday, November 12, 2004

John called around 2:30 PM about hunting. Met him in Whitefield and drove 4.5 miles south of the garage. We entered north and he familiarized me with the surroundings and historical areas of interest. We worked our way down and around and back up and down the ridge. At the bottom of the ridge we turned onto a path and he pointed out where he shot the "big one" last year. We slowed and moved along from there until "legal light" ended. During the walk out we were stopped in our tracks by an eerie, haunting sound. We heard it a couple times, I for one, made sure my .35 was ready to go. We continued on. Peter's truck was still parked at the trail head with no sign of him. I knew the "haunting sound" had eaten him, but I didn't want to alarm John. A ten minute walk in the dark later, we loaded ourselves into the rig and headed back out. We met Peter at the junction and chatted. Any deer sign found? Nope. Peter said the sound we heard was a bellowing moose. Ok. I unloaded my gun and we headed directly (do not pass go) to "recuperate and replenish" at Suitor's Garage.

(Nib and David showed up later and we went to my house and loaded my old furnace in the back of his truck. I hope it works out for them. Dave needs a clutch.)

Sunday, November 13, 2004

This day we explored. John wanted to check out an area that he had found some sign in 4.5 miles south east. We started early in the afternoon and found some encouraging things. Hey, finding anything was more than we did the day before. We did some "good old" driving around, had a little lunch in Jefferson, and headed back to check out what we had found earlier for the end of the day hunt.

Here's the scene. We have some fields to the extreme left, in front of us is a stream and multiple hundreds of yards of swamp shooting. To the right we have limited shooting but there's a run on the bank. John goes back to the point overlooking the wet stuff. I decide to sit on the run, with a 90 degree view of the swamp. This is good shit. No deer came, we're cold and head home at legal light (do not pass go). Go directly to "recuperate and replenish" at Suitor's Garage.

Sitting in the cold, over-looking my shooting lanes, I felt alive, aware, and on top of life!

It's good to be on top of the food chain. Right?