Tom Observations . . .
 Do I have the right stuff - Nov, 2004
You'd think that someone that has more guns than fingers and toes and arms and legs (and loves to shoot them) and loves to murder poor winged creatures, would be more into deer hunting. This is a great annoyance to John and the Halls, but I think they understand.

There's a couple of really good and honest reasons I'm not as "gun-ho" for all this as one would think. First of all, it's a wicked amount of work! Deer are hard to find and preparation is everything. Secondly, if you do shoot one the really hard and serious work starts then. I'm a pretty lazy guy. Going to the range and sending a pound of lead down-range over an hour, then retrieving 4 ounces of paper targets is pretty light-weight work. Going bird hunting and sending a pound of lead in the air, killing 3 or 4 birds and having a dog find them and bringing them back to me, is even better.

Now, with deer it's not about sending a pound of anything anywhere. It's about a 120 to 200 grain bullet hitting it's mark and killing a 100 or 200+ pound deer from 50 yards to 350 yards. Is that a problem? No way, I can do that. I have the bullets and the rifles to make that happen. Do I get excited about dragging a deer a mile out of the woods? Well, not really. Do I need, or have a personal use for 100 pounds of venison? Other than sharing it, no.

Now, having said all that bullshit, have I ever experienced what John experienced last year shooting that 218 pound buck?  Hell NO!!  Would I change my opinion if I had?   Hell YES!!

The first day out with John was interesting, but, I have to admit, on the second day, sitting at dusk, with only a few minutes of legal light left, my heartbeat increased as the "what ifs" danced through my lazy-assed brain.

So, I guess I'm a "work-in-progress".  I suggest John and the Halls not give up on me yet.