H. Dale Miller
Oct 20, 1918 - Feb 16, 1978

"His good work and willingness to do a little extra, and a little better, had a lasting effect . . . "

Dan Suitor’s talent and wizardry with automobiles touched the Miller family big time. Dan being a good neighbor to the Millers on Jefferson Rd. seems to have always been near by when some of the old jalopies owned by his classmates Dean or Dale Miller needed tweaking. Also being a good neighbor to the older generations of that Miller family Dan was always glad to lend a hand to help them keep there vehicles running well.

Dan told me that while he was living on Jefferson Rd in Whitefield his friends parents the Harry millers lived on one side of him while his friends grandparents lived on the other side of him.(He was surrounded!) His good work and willingness to do a little extra, and a little better, had a lasting effect on his old race track buddy Dale Miller for as long as Dale lived and worked in Whitefield. When his autos needed attention, even though he worked for Gulf and his car was parked at that facility, he would leave his keys with Dan to have it picked up and repaired. When asked why he didn't have one of the other garages work on his car. He said "I want to know that the job is done right and when I go down the road I go with confidence cause I know the man and the work he does".

Dale and Dan enjoyed each others company. especially on racing nights at local tracks and at some that were not so local .These old codgers were known to bend the elbow together from time to time. Dale leased and operated garages in town during his career and through out his life never tired of talking shop with his old friend Dan. It should be mentioned here that Dan was also a pretty fair Harley Davidson mechanic also. Dale owned and rode a full Dresser 74 and like with his autos, wouldn't think of allowing any mechanic other then Dan to maintain it .

Dan often mentioned to me when I was out for an evening walk in the summer that he had seen the stock cars going through town on there way to the local track and it caused him to think back to the nights he and Dale use to go head for Waterford, Oxford, or Thunderoad to enjoy a race. Dan said "God, I miss the old guys".

- Dale R. Miller -
(April, 2002)