Suitor's Garage History
Huron Street

In   1988   Dan "retired" to Huron Street and his lovely wife of 50 + years.   Amazingly there was an empty space beside the house.   Obviously that space needed  "stuff " ...

One night, when no one was looking, someone (or some alien lifeforms as I remember it) snuck onto the property and built Suitor's Garage.   Well ... the aliens were quite happy with themselves, but noticed that their new ship had no "stuff".   Now ... Dan being a Navy veteran and all, understood that ships needed stuff.   Hey ... what's a guy to do ?   So ... when no one was looking (wife of 50 +), Dan filled their ship with "stuff".   Dan waited and waited but the aliens never returned.

We're still waiting for the aliens to return.   While we wait, we use the "stuff " to work on trucks, cars and beer.  

Summer 1999

Winter 2002