Project .308
Remington Woodsmaster 742
May 16, 2004
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Mike's first trip to the range. Sunday May 16th.

The .308 is unpacked and John takes a demo shot.

Preparation for the "1st" shot.

This is 3 seconds after Mike's first shot with his new rifle.
"Oh yeah ... that's what I'm talk'n about !!"

Think he likes it?

I'll tell you what folks, I've never coached someone that listened and did what I told them to do like this kid on his first (serious) day out. It was scarey. I'm thinking I should have a talk with me! I can't believe how well he shot. He's a natural.
Practice, practice, practice.

Firing a few rounds out of Tom's Model 600 Remington in 6.5 Rem Mag.

Targets collected and the plinking begins.

Another good day at the range. Cleaned the guns, packed everything up and headed for Suitor's Garage for a couple well-deserved beers.

November 26, 2004.
"The proof is in the pudding !"
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