Project Deer Rifle
May, 2004
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  First testing 5/15/04

120g Nosler 4350 52g
Velocity 2692

120g Nosler 4350 52.5g
Velocity 2742

I've got to replace the fixed 4 power scope. It's a fine Burris, a good setup for hunting, but I need more magnification for testing. I will adjust the powder weights for the next series of tests. I think I'm going to be able to make this gun shoot. I gathered a lot of information this weekend. Now the tweaking begins.

125g Nosler 4350 53g
Velocity 2781

125g Nosler 4350 55g
Velocity 2906


OK, got the tires and stablizer links put on the car and updated 3 websites. With all that out of the way, I resized the first 20 cases again, cleaned them and seated primers. I've decided to modify the 120g and 125g load a little to verify the first results and try a couple variations.

In the morning I want to change the scope. I found a pretty good old 4-12X40 on my AR15 that would give me acceptable magnification. The 40mm front lens is too big to fit on the rings so . . . I'll have to disable the taller rings on the .308 and move them over to the 6.5. I'm not sure it's the same mounting setup.

Hmmm ... Nope, that won't work. The 24X is on the 22-250 and the Weaver T-16 Varmit scope is on the 308. Both have proprietary Ruger mounts. Damn, the devil is in the details ain't it?

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