2009/2010/2011/212 1986 Chevy 4X4 Rebuild
Two wheel drive to four wheel drive
frame modification - Cab swap.

Suitor's Garage has hosted a variety of family projects over the years. Everything from sedans, station wagons and sports cars, to a wide selection of four wheel drives. By far the favorite endevors have had a bowtie, four wheel drive and small block V8 motors.

In the fall of 2002 this 1986 Chevy rolled into the garage,
got torn apart, and rolled back out with a new (used) frame. Now, seven years later, it's time to roll her back in again.

This time the "kid gloves" are off. The only 1986 parts that will be used is the front and rear ends. A 1979 two wheel drive frame has been converted to a four wheel drive frame and the cab will be a 1987 connected to a pre-1981 stepside bed. The bullet will be a late 80's or early 90's built racing motor.

(Progress will be presented newest to oldest and we'll be adding lots of comments as we go.)

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03/30/12 Exhaust  
Dual exhaust and glass packs installed. The truck sounds great!

03/2012 Time to fire it up!  

Temporary gas tank in place.

After some pumping and cranking the old race motor blasted to life. With only the headers attached, it was wicked loud and immediately filled the garage with smoke from the large dose of mystery oil John had fed it. It was rough and nasty, but music to our ears.
The motor was out of time and the carburetor was a mess. A road trip to Barre, VT followed to pickup the only carb kit on the planet. John rebuilt the Holley and all was good!

03/03/12 Windshield time.  
John and our nephew Derek preparing the windshield.

Off with the visor.

On with the gasket.

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