1996 Ford Contour GL
March 29, 2003

Mom's new wheels !!!
( Wheels are great - the motor is not ).

4000 lb. hoist and engine stand purchased and assembled.
April 11, 2003

The project is right on schedule.   John purchased a waranteed motor from Bow Salvage on 4/22/03.   A request was sent to Brother David to see if he could help getting it up here and his quick response was "sure".   He is going to pick it on Friday and deliver it on Saturday night ( 4/26 ).


1Country of origin1USA
2-3Manufacturer IDFAFord Passenger Car
4Restraint SystemL1st Generation Air Bags
5-7 Model, Boddy Type P65 Contour GL/Bass(all), LX 98.5
8 Engine Type 3 993; Zetec I4, 2.0L, 125hp
    L 99L; Duratec V6, 2.5L, 170hp
    G 99G; Duratec V6, 2.5L, 195hp, H.O.
    Z 99Z; Zetec I4, 2.0L, Natural Gas
9 Check Digit 0-9,X -
10 Model Year S 1995
    T 1996
    V 1997
    W 1998
    X 1999
    X 1999
    Y 2000
12-17 Sequential ID 100001 Ford counts from 100001 to 599999
    600001 Mercury counts from 600001 to 999999