1986 ThunderBird
Turbo Coupe
Start - July 2002

I ordered this car new in 1986
( June 2002 )

Thermostat, water pump, timing belt, engine belts
and 4 headlights

( July 2002 )

No John, I said  "gear".

TFI (Thick Film Ignition module)
This failed in the dead center of the Apthorp bridge in Littleton on a Sunday afternoon. Phil Bell diagnosed the problem, but didn't have the right TFI. Five minutes before closing John found a Wells TFI module at VIP. It started right up. A scary lifter knock accompanied it (which did quiet down). Factory parts shouldn't fail with only 16 years service.   You think ... ?
( August 2002 )

MotorCraft - E3EF-12A297-A1A (5H26A)
Wells - F121 Control Module

John and Michael work on replacing plugs, wires, cap and pcv.
(Aug. 2002)

New Muffler

After we did the tune-up last weekend I realized the inside of my stock muffler had turned into mush. I had been reading about all the exhaust modifications on the turbo message boards and dug into it more. Now would be the time, right ? Well, not really. I've got lots of other things to fix before I jump into a 3" downpipe to a high flow cat. (or straight pipe) to 2.5" tailpipes. I still had that sluggish power from 4000 to 5500 rpm to sort out.
I decided to just pickup a Dynomax SuperTurbo muffler from NAPA and work on the other stuff. Well, to my surprise I found that (after 900 power strokes with the LARGE hammer, and a not too delicate slice with the air chisel, to remove the old muffler and save my cat. to muffler pipe) the Tbird really liked the lack of mush. It's quiet at idle and normal driving and sounds nice under boost.

( Aug 21, 2002 )

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