Big Daddy's Speedbowl
Competition Meeting
January 22, 2011
On Saturday afternoon Big Daddy's Speedbowl hosted its first competition meeting for the 2011 racing season. Drivers, teams, and touring series representatives crowded into Legion Post #76 to discuss events and rule changes.

East Coast Mini Sprint Association's Dave Haskell, BDS General Manager Mike Rivers, and Terry Reil from the Northeast Mini Sprints.

I spoke with Terry Reil from the Northeast Mini Sprints and he couldn't be more delighted with the relationship that has developed between NEMS and BDS.
"I'm really excited to have the Northeast Mini Sprints organization participating at Big Daddy's Speedbowl in 2011. Mike Rivers has shown our upstart group tremendous support in the offseason. I'm sure our relationship with BDS will help catapult NEMS to a banner inaugural season in 2011. To add excitement to our six dates at BDS, we will host a wingless event in July that's sure to have the fans on their feet. With weekly purses on the line and $1000 to the inaugural champion 2011 is looking like it will be a huge success. NEMS is also very pleased to be sharing the pits and track with the 750 and 1200 cc cars from the East Coast Mini Sprint Association. No fan should walk out the races in 2011 without their fill of edge of the seat
sprint car racing!"

General information and possible rule changes for 2011.
[Check the BDS website for the official rules package. I won't be updating changes here.]
  • Start times - Races will start at 5 PM on Sundays - Special events may start at 4 PM. During these events BDS classes might run features only.

  • The length of the racing season will be shortened this year.

  • Radios will be manditory in all cars in all classes.

  • Payouts will be made the night of the event only and will be in cash. No checks will be mailed.

  • Payouts will depend on car counts. The first few races will pay what was paid at the end of the 2010 season and will be adjusted as necessary after that.

  • If there are not enough bandits they will be combined with the mini stocks and there will be awards/pay for the top 3 in each class.

  • Pit fee 30.00 per person. No membership needed.
  • * (01/26/11 - Edited 01/26/11)

  • 1600 yards of new clay has been purchased. The first 800 yards will be put down in the spring and the additional 800 yards after that.
  • MODIFIEDS: - BDS modified rules will be the same as Canaan except for the tire rule
  • * (01/26/11 - Edited 01/26/11)

  • Tire rule: 29/92 with no compound or brand restrictions.
  • LATE MODELS: - 604 crate motor with aluminum heads allowed and has to be a sealed GM crate. No aluminum heads on built motors. No weight or tire rules.
  • SUPER STREETS: - Same rule book as Canaan. Quick change rearends allowed. Bite bar allowed.
  • MINI STOCKS: - If you build a mini stock to the BDS rules you can run Bradford. If you build a Braford car you can run at BDS. No combining the rules. There are no more mini stocks at Canaan.

DISCLAIMER: - This information was put together by me from my notes. This was a snapshot of what I heard. Some of it will absolutely happen, some of it will probably happen, but some of it may not happen. The rules package at BDS is a work in progress. Any clarification or questions should be directed to Mike Rivers at Big Daddy's Speedbowl.   (Tom Suitor )

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