March 19, 2011
#01 Ryan Avery
Thornton, NH

If you pulled into a race shop 8 miles south of WMMP, that is owned by an Avery (cousins), you would probably expect to see an asphalt late model. That's not the case at this shop, it's all about DIRT here!
The 01 Racing Association Shop is owned by Jim Avery and is the home-base for the #01 Dirt Modified. The car is driven by his son Ryan and crewed by his other son Corey.
Jim's racing background was at dirt tracks and when the time came for Ryan and Corey to go racing, asphalt wasn't a choice. You go with what you know.
Ryan Avery
Corey Avery

In 2011 Ryan will be contending for the modified championship at the Canaan Dirt Speedway and running as many races as he can at Bradford's Bear Ridge Speedway.

New panels are ready for paint. The "602 crate" will be transplanted from the ice car soon.

The top center picture was Corey's dirt Late Model. The Family has built 112 race cars throughout the years.

The team has accumulated a lot of trophies winning 8 championships in 10 years. When you run out of shelf space you can always use the ceiling.

Dave and Jim going through the photo archives.

Jim in the middle of a great racing story.
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