June 7, 2014
Dan Douville  
Modified and Sprint car Champion

Bridgewater, NH  
All photos by
Tom Suitor and


"My first year I wrecked hard 3 or 4 times, but I was learning important lessons!"

Dan Douville:  A big heart and a heavy foot.
In June, my brother Dave and I traveled to Newfound lake to visit with dirt modified and sprint car champion Dan Douville. As we drove down his street I was looking for a large shop filled with crew members, race cars and parts and pieces, but what we found was a nice house with a connected 2 car garage and a sprint car sitting in the driveway. In one bay there was a bright yellow 5.0 Mustang GT and in the other bay was Dan sweeping the floor. After a warm greeting we sat down and talked with Dan about his long love affair with racing, family and the ups and downs of a thrilling, but sometimes heartbreaking sport.

As a young boy Dan tagged along with his father, Dennis, and Uncle Ernie, visiting race tracks like Star Speedway watching racing legends Ollie Silva, Dick Batcheldor and Dave Snapp race supermodifieds. Later they chased the modified tour that featured future stars like Richie Evans, Greg Sacks and Jimmie Spencer. Dan told his father "I can do that, I can do that!"

So, at 16 Dennis took him to the Norway Pines dirt track in Rumney to watch some local dirt racing. That fall he said "If you want to go racing, here's a rule book."       
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2011 Maxim chassis sprint car.

Chevy 360cu steel blocked methanol drinker - 600/650hp

Tammy Douville's 5.0 Mustang GT

7x  Headquarters

Douville's 7x chased by the #17 of Chris Donnelly and the #33 of Lacey Hanson

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