February 8, 2014
S B L   R a c i n g
Center Habor, NH
All action photos from DaveSuitorPhotography.com

SBL Racing owners, Sandy and Scott Burns
During the summer months Scott and Sandy run a large, successful landscaping business, but if you stop by their shop in the winter, you won't find diggers and dumpers or turf equipment, you'll find race cars! How'd that happen?

Although Scott is only a couple of years into ice racing, he has always been a fan of motorsports. His father, George "Chuck" Scott, was an engine builder in the days of the Coupes in an era when drivers like Eddy Flemke Sr. was setting records at tracks like Riverside Speedway in Agawam, MA. Chuck backed away from racing when Scott was born, but never stopped being a fan of the local racing scene. In 1989, at 22 years old, Scott and the family visited New Hampshire Motor Speedway and he absolutely loved it and the seed was planted.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago and imagine Scott eyeing a retired S-10 service truck sitting in the yard. After a serious talk with Sandy, and encouragement from longtime friends and racers Brad Leighton and Rick Martel, SBL Racing was born. The old abandoned S-10 came back to life as a safe and competitive ice racing truck with 15 year old son Cody at the helm.

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The #5 Chevy S-10 that started it all.

16 year old Cody Burns - 2013 Junior Rookie of the Year.

Cody with his biggest fan (Sandy Burns)

Fabian Smith - Mechanic and racer

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