January 31, 2009 Vintage Snowmobile Race
Lisbon Stump Jumpers
Lisbon, NH

Lisbon is less than a half hour from where I live. The Pittsburg race was so much fun that I couldn't miss this one. I was at the 5prs race shop tonight and listening to these guys I swear you would have thought that they were preparing for a space shuttle launch.

What was that all about?  Well, Fred, Reggie and Brock were busy getting their 1970's one-lunger Arctic Cat ready for the big race in Lisbon.  Basically, it's a carburetor, connected to single cylinder engine, connected to a rubber track.  Then you put some skis and a seat on it, and on top of that you put a racer.  And that my friends is when the fun begins!
This idea goes back a long way.
(Ford Model-T at Pittsburg 01/10/09)

( All photos taken by Tom Suitor )

"Mom, we need a motor for this silly thing."

The Littleton Club was there to help as well as the State of NH.

Phil Bell from Beech Hill Auto

Pam and Reggie Willey

Fred Davis, Joe Willey, Chandler and Brock Davis from the 5PRS.com team.

At the driver's meeting.

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