January 10, 2009 Second Annual Great North Woods
Vintage Snowmobile Race.


From their website:  "The Great North Woods Vintage Snowmobile Race will allow you to return to the fun of the bygone era and re-live the fun many of us had there. A three race series, sponsored by three of the premiere clubs in the state will be held this winter and they are waiting for you to dust off that pre '73 single or twin fan cooled relic sleeping in the corner of your garage and join in the fun!"

  Well, I decided to go and join the fun. I didn't have a sled, but I knew some that did. I wanted to get the camera out and challenge myself in the demanding conditions that bright white snow, changing exposures and the fast moving action would bring. It was great fun and I met some really good people.

What I didn't expect was the cold temperatures. I saw
-8F on the way up and when I arrived in Pittsburg at 10:30 AM it was +3F and when I got back to the car at 2:45 PM it was +3F. That wasn't a problem. I dressed right and the camera proved itself to be right at home in the brutal north country conditions.

Shawn Martin #94 leading Robbie LaCroix #21 and Greg Letourneau #27 .

5PRS Late Model stock car driver Brock Davis on the Reg Willey prepared Arctic Cat.

Brock #510 and Chris Hatt #36C.

Brock chatting with Oxford Plains Speedway's rising Late Model star Shawn Martin.

Powderpuff race winner - #94 Mary Letourneau

Kenny Card #68

Greg Crum #12C

Snap-On #90 Tim Desrosiers.

Brock passing Groveton's Riverside Speedway late model driver Corey Mason.

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