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In 2009 Suitor's Garage will be hosting news and photo coverage about local racing. I plan on doing some different things and just having as much fun as possible doing it.

  October 28, 2012

"Jefferson, NH’s Nick Pilotte claimed his first Thunder Road Street Stock Championship, finishing second to Hardwick’s Bunker Hodgdon in the Mini Milk Bowl. Whitefield, NH’s Ben Belanger took home third.. "
[ From the Thunder Road news release. ]

Photo courtesy of RacnPrncss


10/27/12 Suitor's Garage Annual Pumpkin Party  

October 20, 2012

Nick kicked some more ass on Saturday at RiverSide Speedway's 4 cylinder “open” event on the way to his 10th feature win of 2012 .

Nick will be crowned the Thunder Road Street Stock Champion this Sunday after he competes in his last race of the year.


09/28/12 -   Elsie, Aaron and Nick loading up for Thunder Road Friday afternoon for the final time in 2012. With the Championship locked up, the focus is on winning Sunday's special event.(Postponed until 10/28/12 because of rain)

September 21, 2012

Championship night at WMMP

Saturday night the top late model teams battled it out at WMMP during the final race of the season. On a night when points where crucial, winning was everything.
Our own Oren Remick was the fastest car on the track tonight and proved it by driving to the front and staying there.

Congratulations Oren, Chris Bixby, the team and the families on a year to remember!


During the 2012 season Oren had 2 wins, 6 top-fives and 11 top-tens and
finished 4th in Championship points.

  August 18, 2012

Pilotte Wins Jake McDowell 100
"Nick Pilotte tore through the field and took the lead on lap 13. "

Luke Shannon - LMS winner


August 17, 2012
What I've learned from hanging out with race teams.

So, it's 6:15 AM and I'm pulling out of my driveway headed for an important appointment 75 miles away when I hear a crack and crunch noise from the back of the car. The right rear splash guard had dug into the grass and ripped the bumper cover off the right side and it's sitting on the pavement. I thought "Oh SWELL",or something like that, "it's going to take me a month to reschedule."

I looked at it for a minute and realized that I see this every damn week at the racetrack. I popped the trunk, grabbed a handful of wire ties and 5 minutes later I was on my way and made the appointment with 3 minutes to spare!

So, on the ride home I'm looking for my bodyman's phone number and how much a rear bumper cover with bracket hardware was going to set me back.


Those thoughts were downright scary. Then I had another epithany, "Who knows anymore about this than race teams?" I called Marc Belanger at Aaron's Repair and he said "bring it right up." After they all stopped laughing Aaron and Benny jumped in and took charge. An hour later, and a few applications of "magic glue", the car was as good as new. So, you see, there is redeeaming value in hanging out in race shops drinking beer. And, you might even learn something!

  May 27, 2012

"Jefferson, NH’s Nick Pilotte thrilled the crowd on his way to an Allen Lumber Street Stock victory in a three wide pass. It was the second straight Memorial Day weekend win for Pilotte."
[ From the Thunder Road news release. ]

Ben Belanger won at WMMP on Saturday night with the green #99.


05/19/12 White Mountain Motor Sports Park - Car show & practice  

05/13/12 NAPA Spectacular / Bobby Shores Memorial Race
RiverSide Speedway

Nick Pilotte and Ben Belanger finish 1st and 2nd at Canaan
Fair Speedway Saturday night!

05/05/12 RiverSide Speedway - Open Practice

~ Winter 2012 - Team Updates ~    
05/19/2012 Team Update - Oren Remick
#21 WMMP Late Model
Monroe, NH
05/05/2012 Team Update - Randy Potter
#02NH ACT Late Model

Groveton, NH
04/29/2012 Team Update - Eric Boucher
#7 RiverSide Dwarf
Littleton, NH
04/29/2012 Team Update - Nick Pilotte
#11 Street Stock
Jefferson, NH
04/21/2012 Shop Visit - Jack Cook
#14 DIRT / ICE  Modified
Moultonboro, NH
04/01/2012 Team Update - Russell Clark
#02 Late Model
Littleton, NH

05/04/12 - Mike Richards's 2012 WMMP VWs.    

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All photos taken by Tom Suitor    

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