Out with the old, in with the new (sort of) !

Dan had several radios over the years.

Radio 1

I remember this radio being in our house in the late fifties.
It saw service at Cross Street and got moved to a top shelf at Huron
Street when Dan retired. It now lives in my living room.

Radio 2

13 Transistor - Twin Speaker

This was the last radio in service at Cross Street
and the first at Huron Street.

Radio 3

Radio Shack
Tom bought this one for Dan for Huron St.
Father's Day Present. Probably purchased in the early 90's.

Radio 4

Rotex RX-152
From John. This old beater seemed a likely choice.
It only had one channel. Tom had two mini-speakers and John had two.
We wired for speakers in all four corners (and sides) and voila. Installed
before the cleanup - late fall 2001.

Radio 5

Purchased on Ebay for $31.00
February, 2003

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