Corey has been busy. The after work hunts have been showing a lot of bear sign, but no bears. On Thursday night that changed as he wandered through the woods with his Remington 30-06 pump. There was more fresh signs around, but when he stumbled across a steaming pile of bear puke he knew the hunt was on. As he turned he thought he saw something move. Another step and he saw the female bear looking at him head-on. Corey snapped the Williams Fire Sights between the ears and let one go. The 180 grain ballistic silver tip hit it's mark and the bear did a backward summersault and landed in a heap. When he got close there was some movement and the bear took another 180 to the head. Man, thats gotta hurt!

So far, so good for Corey's 2005 hunting season. Now we have to get ourselves out there.