A pack of coyotes made
BIG mistake!
April 26, 2005
04/27/05   7:00 AM
Today started out on a sad note after reading an email saying that Corey lost his dog "Luke" to coyotes while horn-hunting yesterday. My focus quickly turned to the Remington .270 pump quietly leaning against the hutch in the kitchen. On the floor beside it was a box of Nosler 130 grain ballistic silvertip bullets.

I did a quick powder inventory, grabbed the Nosler and Sierra reloading manuals, jumped in the car and started the 75 mile trek to work. As I drove by the Barnet exit at 70 mph (and driving with my knee scribbling notes), I decided on the starting point for the "Luke Load". I'm guessing that between 54 and 55 grains of IMR 4350 will produce ~ 2850 fps in the 17.25" barrel.

 Sectional density = .242     Ballistic coefficient = .433     That looks like around 2345 ft./lbs. at the muzzle. I figure for a 30 to 50 lb. pile of shit it should do nicely. I hear they have pretty thick hair.

04/27/05   12:02 PM
NH hunting license purchased on-line. Checked NH F&G coyote regs. - No closed season; no limit. Checked PETA's mission statement. In the second sentence they state , "PETA is dedicated to establishing and protecting the rights of all animals. PETA operates under the simple principle that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment". Nope, not going to do any of that, we're all set there. After all, we wouldn't want to piss anyone off.

1:10 PM   Let work know I was taking Thursday and Friday off to work on a special destructive testing project.

8:02 PM
Called the garage and talked to John and Corey. This deal is a go. In the morning I'll select 20 .270 cases, resize and prime them, and start pouring some powder.

Here's the setup for one serious western coyote hunter.