The New Hampshire bear season opened today and "Buckwacker" was out after work looking to murder one of those apple-eating bastards with his .308 Winchester
Model 88. No bear showed but an exhausted deer did. The reason for the exhaustion soon became clear as a male coyote appeared behind the doe. The coyote hesitated and was rewarded with a 150 grain Winchester Power-Point.

Corey interogates the young male coyote at Suitor's Garage.

Based on an analysis of coyote attacks, biologists have observed a predictable sequence of changes in coyote behavior that indicates an increasing risk to human safety (Baker and Timm 1998). In order of their usual pattern of occurrence, these changes are:

   1. An increase in observing coyotes on streets and in yards at night
   2. An increase in coyotes approaching adults and/or taking pets at night
   3. Early morning and late afternoon daylight observance of coyotes on streets and in parks and yards
   4. Daylight observance of coyotes chasing or taking pets
   5. Coyotes attacking and taking pets on leash or in close proximity to their owners; coyotes chasing joggers, bicyclists, and other adults
   6. Coyotes seen in and around children's play areas, school grounds, and parks in mid-day
   7. Coyotes acting aggressively toward adults during mid-day.