November 16, 2003
8 point, 218 lbs.
Hammer Used:
Marlin 336 - Lever Action
.35 Remington
200 grain softpoint

"Well a big old buck, right in full rut, came to me just a snortin' and ended up being on the wrong end of my .35.   Shot him at "last light" and had to work my ass of for him.   Called backup in for this one . . . Maurice, Corey and Peter. Got him home at 9:00 pm. Real nice 8 point rack, 218 pounds."   (John - 11/17/03)

You still dead?

Venison roast, potatoes, carrots, onions,
beans, homemade bread and beer!

Corey Hall's 175 lb. 9 point shot on the last day, December 7th.
.270 Remington 7600 pump.