"The Brush Gun"
At the Range Remington
Model 7600
Caliber .270

Dec 7, 2004

This hot rod showed up at the garage the other night and begged stay.
This isn't exactly what my next rifle purchase was going to look like, but hey, what's a guy to do? A friend of the Garage and hunting buddy purchased this 3 years ago and promptly shortened the length of pull (to 12") and barrel (from 22" to 17 1/4"); mounted up a peep sight and turned it into an amazing little brush gun.

The plan is to head for the range, chronograph various 130 and 150 grain factory offerings, then build a hunting load. I just happen to have a new box of Nosler 130 grain CT Ballistic Silvertip bullets to start with. I'm especially interested in velocities out of this 17" barrel. Before deer season I did some testing with my 22" #1 Ruger. This will be handy for comparison purposes.
(Dec 9, 2004)

Ruger #1 22"
Rem 7600 17"
Winchester Power Point Plus
127 ft/sec
Winchester Power Point
183 ft/sec
Federal Premium Vital-Shok
150 ft/sec

The rifle did well at the range once I figured a couple of things out. Recoil was moderate with the 150's but much less than the Ruger #1. On 12/17 I ordered a Leupold base and rings as well as some Nosler 150 grain CT Ballistic Silvertip bullets. In the reloading room I found over 100 .277 bullets that had been sorted by weight 15 years ago. I'm not sure of the manufacturer. They are pointed softpoint, boat tails weighing 130 grains. These will be the starting point bullets. The silvertip Noslers were $14.99 for 50. That's a little too pricey to start testing with.

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