Marlin 336SS
February 4,

Purchase Details.

02/04/05 - The project begins. First I have to make sure it goes bang. Then I need some scope mounts for testing, then some good iron sights for the thick stuff. The first trip to the range will be quick. I plan on shooting four three shot groups using Remington and Federal 150 and 170 grain factory ammo. This will give me factory velocities from the 20" barrel.

02/05/05 11:00 AM - It was around 13° this morning at 7:00 AM, but it is supposed to get to 40° this afternoon. We'll see.

02/05/05 3:30 PM - Back from the range. It got up into the early 40's, not bad. The gun went bang a bunch of times; no surprises, no problems and it shot good. I got my data.

02/07/05 - Did some research over the weekend and decided on the mounts . I ordered a Leupold silver finish, quick release, 1 - piece base, a set of silver finish quick release rings and a set of matte finish quick release rings (MidwayUSA).  Hey, I don't have any silver scopes yet, but I do have a bunch of black ones. We do need to stay fashionable; right? They should be here by Friday or Saturday by USPS.

So far:
Rifle = $449.00
2 boxes Federal ammo = $27.98
Leupold mounts = $90.72
140 miles travel & 12-pack at garage = no charge
TOTAL = $567.70

I'll probably use a Williams FP receiver sight for the iron side. I like the AO/XS Ghost rings, but don't like their limited (2) aperature sizes. I need to talk to them about that.
I also need a post front sight. Don't know what to do about that yet.

02/11/05 - Got the base and rings. Mounted up the silver base and the Leupold VXII 2x7 using the matte QR rings. I bore sighted it and should be ready for the next trip to the range. Now for some loads.

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