Marlin 336SS


February 4,
At the Range

The 336SS has sparked my interest in a new 30-30. Introduced in 2000 it was the first-ever standard-production stainless-steel lever gun to be made in America. All major parts are fabricated from stainless steel--including receiver, barrel, lever, trigger guard plate, magazine tube, forearm/magazine tube bands, and loading gate. Nonstainless metal parts (like the sling-swivel studs) are satin nickel plated for compatible appearance. The open semibuckhorn sights are blued. It has a 6-shot tubular magazine, checkered American black walnut stock, 20" barrel with Micro-Groove rifling (12 grooves), twist rate - 1:10" r.h.,length 38.5", and weights 7 lbs..

The search for a new Marlin 336SS
Didn't look at or talk to Stan
(He's on vacation the month of February)

01/23/05 - Emerson didn't have any but quoted $459.00

02/03/05 - Kittery TP has 4 in warehouse inventory. $498.95

02/03/05 - Didn't bother calling Reily's Gun Shop
(Years ago they pissed me off during a phone call)

02/04/05 - LL Cote has one. $449.00
On my way 2/4/05 1:00 PM

02/04/05 - 5:00 PM Arrived at Suitor's Garage with a new 30-30
(for Mom of course)
LL Cote, in Errol NH, is a great store, but it's a BITCH to get to. From my house it's just under 70 miles and took me an hour and a half.
They have a huge selection of guns, accessories (beer store) and reloading equipment. Their prices are very good as well. The best part was the outstanding service. They were real gun guys (not to be confused with cashiers and money grabbers). They were a pleasure to deal with. Although it's not a "stop by and pick up a pound of powder place" I definately will maintain a needed items list and travel there to purchase every couple of months. Did I mention they even have a damn beer store?

LL Cote - 25 Main Street - Errol, NH - 03579

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