"CJ's 1st Rifle"
Model 742
Caliber 6mm

Feb 26, 2005

"CJ gets his first hunting rifle."
CJ's Dad has been looking for just the right first rifle for his 9-year-old son. "First" is the operative word here. As we old farts get older we naturally get more nostalgic. We remember with fondness our "first" everything. First rifle, first deer, first everything. I have my first rifle in my gun closet. It is a Colt Colteer, single-shot .22 I purchased with paper-route money brand new in the early 1960's. It cost me a lot of hard earned money back then - $19.95! Both my brothers still have their first rifles as well. Along side my Colt is my Grandfather's first hunting rifle, a Model 1894 Winchester manufactured in 1904. So, this was a most serious purchase, especially since CJ's Dad had just relived part of his childhood after suffering a severe nostalgia attack.

"The Details."
02/25/05   The excitement level was high at the Garage Friday night. Corey found a .243 Remington, Model 100, in Texas. The owner told him it was an old one, had a reduced length of pull and he rated it around 85%. It wasn't cheap but it was very similiar to his Model 88 in appearance. It looked like an 88 without the lever. So, he was off to talk to the local gunsmith about the necessary paperwork to have the rifle shipped to NH. Saturday I expected the deal to be done, but was told they headed out to do a little gun shopping down south. Oh well, figuring it would be a done deal, I started the webpage updates to reflect the new purchase.

02/26/05   I got call around 8:00 PM on Saturday night from the Garage. I was told . . . "742, it's a 742." Corey had "happened by" a few southern NH gun shops and found a 1963 Remington, Model 742 Woodsmaster in 6mm (.244 Remington).

02/27/05   Let's see if this thing works!

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