Dan Suitor's Garage
Cross Street

We're still working on the exact dates, but in late 1960 or early 1961, American Oil wanted Floyd to rebuild the Amoco Station.   Floyd understood that he needed to maintain service for the customer base and rented the Cross Street property for Dan to do so.   After the new American garage was built, Dan figured that Cross Street was better looking (because of the lack of gas pumps) and a better "thing" for him.   In 1962 Floyd sold him the tools and contents of Cross Street for  $1.00.   Bud took over the new garage.   I think Dan got a pretty damn good deal.

In 1988 Dan figured that Huron Street was a pretty damn good deal.


Friends of Dan

December 13, 1929
Deed transferred from Carl E. Taylor to the Gulf Refining Company.
September 30, 1932
Deed transferred from the Gulf Refining Company to Ernest B. Howe.
September 7, 1962
Deed transferred from Ernest B. Howe to Daniel G. Suitor and Mahleeah Suitor.
November 4, 1988
Deed transferred from Daniel G. Suitor and Mahleeah Suitor to Wayne W. Skillin and Christina M. Skillin.