The definitive guide to Service Station Operation

The huge resources of the American Oil Company and its affiliates - the oil fields, the sky - scraping towers, the hundereds of thousands of tons of stell and concrete, the power plants, the scientific laboratories, the pipe lines, the fleets of tankers and barges, the bulk plants, trucks, and trailers - would be futile without you, the man behind the pump!

You are the Company's ambassador, the first line of contact with Amoco's customers. You are the vital link between product and user. To the Public YOU are Amoco when you don the Amoco uniform.

Remember in your daily work that all of Amoco and its affiliated companies are behind you, working, planning, and keeping abreast of technological advances so that you will constantly be able to offer the finest products brain, hand, and money can produce.

WELCOME:   The American Oil Company welcomes you into its family of service station merchants. Your success as a service station merchant will depend upon your ability to hold customers and gain new ones. Your performance in your job should be outstanding in order to provide a distinct service that makes the motorist want to return to your station. Careless conduct or performance will build business for your competitors. Be pleasant, courteous, responsive, and helpful. This attitude, together with smooth, speedy service, will make the casual buyer a regular customer.

Working with these ideas in mind, you cannot help but succeed. Planned selling calls for your very best efforts. Small courtesies rendered to your customers usually pay great dividends in more frequent patronage. Greet every motorist with your best smile; give every motorist your best service. You have the tools to step ahead of your competitors; use them.

THE AMOCO MERCHANT:   Each Amoco Merchant must be a good manager and an alert business man. He must have the respect and cooperation of his employees, and he must be a recognized asset to his community.

Your success depends wholly on your planning to match these marks of ability. It will center itself around your rating as a conscientious salesman and the similiar ratings of those who assist you. Remember that every one of your employees serving the public must be a good salesman, and to be that good salesman he must possess certain personal qualifications as well as a knowledge of Amoco products, automobiles, and the essentials of practical merchandising.

These are essential individual qualifications:

Good Health:   Since the service station merchant requires a large amount of strength and vitality to carry out his daily duties, he must be in excellent physical condition. Good health is a natural parent to a successful sales personality. And it is important

 that the Amoco Merchant reflect his good condition by carrying  himself well, by radiating good health.

Pleasing Appearance:   This is important and valuable. The Amoco Merchant who wants to get ahead presents a neat appearance at all times. A clean shave, a clean, neatly pressed Amoco uniform, and clean hands go a long way in making customers want to return to your station. Along the same lines, it is wise to remember that you should not chew tobacco while on duty.

Pleasing Personality:   How you look, how you act, how you talk sum up the full measure of your personality. So make yours pleasing. Another essential asset is a well-balanced sense of humor. This quality in an Amoco Merchant's personality not only does much to lighten his work but also makes a pleasing impression on the customer. Enthusiasm, too, plays a great role in the push for more business. You can give your sales talk more life with that spark of enthusiasm.

Courtesy and Tact:   True courtesy springs from within and must not be confused with surface politeness. It is a true regard for the feelings of others and a sincere desire to be helpful. Whith courtesy you must use tact, for in diplomatic selling you can accomplish better results with candor tempered tactfully.

Ability to Inspire Confidence:   When the Amoco Merchant displays a thorough knowledge of service station work he will win the customers's confidence. You eagerness to learn how to perform your many tasks better, more efficiently will increase

 your self-confidence. More self-confidence encourages the customer to rely more on you. A good memory for names and for services performed is another sure method for inspiring confidence in you ability.

Ability to Render Quick Service:   Customers appreciate courteous service rendered quickly and efficiently. They resent being pushed along in thoughtless haste, but at the same time dislike having to wait a long time for normal servicing.

To be a successful Amoco Merchant you must have a sound knowledge of the petroleum products and other merchandise you offer for sale at your station. In addition, you should also be familiar with the nature and requirements of the various makes and models of automobiles. This does not mean that you and your employees will require an intimate, technical knowledge of each product; but, with respect to each item, you should familiarize yourself with a few simple facts that will be useful in making a suitable sales presentation. Actual demonstration, wherever possible, is the best means of presenting a product to any customer. Experience has proven that customers will look even when they will not listen. Know something about the petroleum company whose products you sell.

As for knowledge of the different makes of cars, follow the diagrams given on your Amoco Lubrication Chek - Chart, which is just one of the many sales and service aids furnished to you by the American Oil Company.

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