August 31, 2008 " R e a l   H o r s e p o w e r "

Sunday afternoon I made my first trip to the Lancaster Fair in over 30 years. On most Saturday nights you can find Marc and Sandy Belanger, with their daughters, at Groveton's Riverside Speedway cheering on their 13 year old son Ben who competes in the Daredevil youth division. Ben is doing a great job handling the horsepower in his race car but today was about Mercedes and Katherine and some real horsepower.

Merecedes, a 15-year-old sophomore at WMRHS, on Dolly (Saddle Seat).

Merecedes on Rock, one of her father's draft pulling horses. She rode Rock to a 2nd place spot in one of the fun events.

Katherine is an 11-year-old 6th grader at the Whitefield School. She is on Shelby which is owned by Piper Gunderson (Hunt Seat).

Jerry and Rock.
The Belanger, White and Towle draft pulling horse team putting their power to the ground.

[This can be a very dangerous sport. Later in the day Tyler Towle (left), Curt's newphew, was run over by the boat breaking two bones in his foot.]

Just like racing, this is a family affair.

Mother and Daughter.

Mom preparing Dolly for the next event and Grannie with Ethan Earley, six weeks old (Son of Mercedes trainer Lisa Bell and Ryan Earley).

Mercedes receiving the Teague Memorial Award, a $400.00 Equine Scholarship.

Marc Belanger with partner Curt Towle.

Curt Towle's son Bobby.

Mercedes on Dolly being applauded by Judge Chris Cassenti, from Chrislar Horse Farm in Rowley MA.

Marie Pilotte having too much fun.

What a great afternoon. I have to admit though, these large, beautiful animals, scared me a little. I prefer a fire-breathing pro-stock. Those have off switches!


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