Barry's Ebay Bargin
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~ You are the winning bidder ~
"Motor City, here I come!"

We have to give this one to Barry. We do some ballzie things around the garage and in our personal lives, but, buying a 1986 GMC 4x4 on Ebay, flying to Detroit and driving the damn thing back to NH is not on the list of doables. How ballzie is that?

This was a great deal for us. Barry has the carpenter skills and John has the mechanic skills. So, John worked his butt off on Barry's truck while Barry worked his butt off on Mom's bathroom. At the end of the weekend, Mom was happy, Barry was happy and John was happy, then John headed out with Peter and Corey chasing deer trails and sign.

To be continued . . .

Well, not really. This is so like Barry. It was the newest, best, latest great thing, right? Barry got the truck back home and another "deal" came up and guess what? The GMC will be sold and the focus will be on something else. Don't know how MK deals with it, except I know she knows this is Barry.

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