Project Bathroom
August, 2004
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It all started with water dripping through a kitchen ceiling tile.

Access to the floor had been gained in 1958 so we started there.

The linoleum was torn back and the floor boards removed.

Little side note here. We found this paper lining "their" fix
in '58. On the back it looks like me and Mom played a game
of some kind. It says Moma 3, Tom -
(Hmmm, She was always smarta' than me)

"There it is Tom, a small pin-hole leak
in the drain half-way to the hooter."

So here's the deal with this project. We have a hole in the drain dripping in Mom's kitchen. We have a 100 yr old bathroom. It needs new plumbing, and wiring. We have the second floor of the house that needs electrical / cable / phone wiring.

So, the planning began, and here were are now.

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