1990 Chevy 4X4
Wouldn't stay running. Cat-back exhaust.
November 23, 2002

Saturday night Bart rolled it down the hill and we pushed it into the garage, lit a fire and put some dry gas in. On Sunday morning it started right up. The fittings on the gas filter where beyond saving so a universal filter (thanks Dan) was cobbed in. The truck fired right up and was moved outside to run for a while. It was a short while !!   Muffler, pipes and an in-line fuel pump were purchased.
(November 23)

"Muffler clamps are only to hold the pipes in place
until they rust together".

Got ready to do a fuel pressure check and remembered that no oil was showing on the dipstick. Hmmm, oil pressure when it first starts, warms up a little, oil pressure drops, the computer senses no oil pressure and kills the engine ?  Put 2.5 quarts of oil in it, backed it out to let it run. Wishful thinking ... ?   I had to leave, we'll see.

(November 26)

Holy Shit !!!
The the thing ran for an hour.
Take it away Bart !!!

(December 2)