Glug the Donor Truck
March 2004
1977 Chevy 1/2 Ton 4x4
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And here it is, the final piece; the rear end.
True to their reputation, this old chevy did
not want to give it up. A rounded lug nut made
John force the issue.


"Oldest" brother Dave wanted some knife blade stock
so John uncovered the rear end gears to unbolt the axels.
Glug growled again.

Overwhelming force was applied.

The axels are out and the winners discard the rest.

  While in the rolling junk yard a few leaf
springs are saved for those "really big" knife blades.

    Well, that's that for the donor truck part of the project. The parts need to be cleaned, sorted and stored. Now it's on to the motor. Page   1   2   3  

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