2000 Taurus traded for a new 2005 Dodge Magnum SXT AWD
December 15, 2005

The Taurus has been a great car, but with 197,000 miles and winter bearing down, it was time to do something. There where just too many original parts still on that 2000 wagon. I traded my 1994 Sable wagon (with 208,000 miles on it) for the Taurus. If Ford had not discontinued the large wagon after 2005 there probably would be new Ford in the driveway. Those two cars did a great job for me. I suppose Ford knows best. After all, everyone will just buy a new Escape
or Freestyle, right?   Wrong!

So, who makes a large (
American) wagon? The only one I remembered was Dodge with its radical looking Magnum. Hey, there is a Chrysler dealer a few miles away, what do I have to lose? I'd better check one out. I walked in the dealership and a salesman was on me like "stink on shit."

I told him I didn't know much about these rigs and that I didn't want to spend $25K on any car. He told me he could get me into a Chyrsler Pacifica for a lot less. I asked him if he had an AWD Magnum. He pointed out a red SXT and said that was the only one. I asked "no AWD Hemi?" He said "no." Can you imagine a 340 HP family wagon? (As a side note: There is an SRT-8 RWD model available in 2006 with a 7.1L Hemil with 425 HP. God, please, save us all from this madness). This baby version sports a 3.5L, 24V, SOHC high output V6 with 250 lbs of torque at 3800 RPM and 250 HP at 6400 RPM. I drove it a couple miles down the road and back. I was pretty damn impressed with it.

A long story short, I traded the Taurus and paid less than $25k. A month later I'm wicked impressed with this rig. The Electronic Stabilization Platform software sends 140 traction sensor readings a second to the computer to make sure I'm going in the direction I'm aiming at. Hey! That can't be a bad thing, right? The test of this fancy shit will be when I'm running 70 MPH through town, put my left blinker on, lock up the brakes and turn right into the beer store. I'll either be in jail or home with a 12-pack. I'm hoping for home. Now that would be a smart computer. We'll see.

December 16th at home.

December 16th at home.

December 16th at the Garage.

This ain't no family wagon!

Like a guy on the LX group says,
"Yeah, its a wagon. Want to race to the grocery store?

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