The Evolution of the "Garage PC" continues.
PC3 arrives.
January 30, 2004

The 350 was opened up and the drive was removed to be slaved to the new PC.

This machine is a keeper. At work I'm deploying new machines that are running at least 2.4 Gig P4 processors with 512 MB of memory. These are great, fast machines, running WinXP Pro, but they don't out perform my 3 year old home machine (1.2 Gig / 384 MB) by leaps and bounds running standard applications. This PC fits in that category. It is a 600 Mhz with 512 MB of memory running Win2000 Pro. It runs stuff sufficently fast. It is an extremely solid operating system running on a work-horse PC. We're set!

John, Sue and our friday night Pizza take it out for a spin.

New(er) PC arrives.
June 8, 2003

I came up with a newer PC and figured the Garage could use an upgrade. It was faster (350MHZ), had a larger hard drive, a bunch of memory (384MB) and I was able to load a faster operating system (Windows ME) on it.

(Right)   Maurice oversees the drive removal.

The old drive was slaved to the new disk controller so we could move some image files to the new drive.

The PC was reasembled and detailed.

Below is information on the original PC

Well . . . Out of the junk pile came a functional data device !

PC gets 128MB memory boost. Current memory 384MB.
Sorta like putting two 4 - barrels on it !

One of my jobs is to build PCs. Usually that job is to configure new PCs for deployment. With every new PC that gets deployed, there is one sorry machine that comes back. Over the months and years, lots of client machines get worked on and repaired. With that labor comes a pile of parts. The end user is happy with their new PC and I'm happy to have their "beloved" PC back for rebuild or parts. Maybe happy is not the right word for what they give back. "Happy" is not to have it in service anymore.

So ... from an HP Vectra VL frame from the retail store, memory from Franks PC that got hit by lightning, a keyboard that lacks the number 3 on the keypad, a monitor that is heavy on blue, a mouse that Kelly said "Sucked" (she was right) a better PC was born for the Garage.

The heart of the story . . . Making something out of nothing is the mission statement at Suitor's Garage. There is a reason for that pile of "stuff" that just can't be thrown away.

I installed the old 33.6 modem out my Dell PC and got connected. It just doesn't get much better than that !

I'm even starting to like the blue slant on things.