Wheel Bearing Change
"Second time around"
2000 Taurus Wagon
24V 200 HP Duratec 3.0L V6
February 9, 2003


Wicked growling in the front and worse when turning moderately to the right. This time it snuck up on me. It progressively got louder, but it sounded like junk tires. A week ago it started howling more from 30 to 35 mph and from 40 to 45 mph. From 50 to 65 mph it was constant and would get less noisey when turning a little to the left. We planned on starting the job late Friday afternoon. I left for work this morning , which is 150 miles roundtrip, and knew I was flirting with diasaster. Stopped at John's place of work, called around for parts and will start tonight (Wednesday).
John guessed right, replaced the right front and all is good for now.

Pics and info to follow.

Wheel Bearing Change
"First Time"
2000 Taurus Wagon
24V 200 HP Duratec 3.0L V6
March 4, 2003


Pulsating growling in right front when turning moderately
to the right. Uneven rotor / tire wear.

Damn it !!!
Same noise ... same problem !

"It must be some other weird thing going on ..."
I searched the internet and people were talking about
"Stut Bearings and / or CV joints" ... Maybe ... maybe ...

Nope ... John knew there were only a couple things
involved ... Wheel bearings and wheel bearings. We
purchased another wheel bearing / hub and guess what ??

The BEER tastes better tonight !

Note:   There was no observable play in either front tires and the growling sure felt and sounded like it was coming from the right side (not the left). The picture doesn't do that "bar" justice. It's a 1 1/8" octagon bar about 5' long and weighs ~ 25 lbs. With John jumping up and down on it, it got a little heavier ! That's how you get the ball joint into the lower control arm.

We document our follies here because we think we might be able to help others. Emails like this make us smile and know there are other folks out there looking for information.

Here's some good advice from NJ.

"I used a dial gauge and there was no measurable play. When I spin (by hand) the removed (bad) bearing, there does not appear to be any roughness either. I did not use a crow bar like you showed in your picture...I used a bottle jack under spindle assy., where the bearings' mounting flange meets the spindle, and lifted the spindle assy. up, and then lowered the ball joint stud into the A frame. I did use a two foot bar to hold the frame downward, as I was doing that lifting. It was a real pain in the butt job. Thanks for having the info about the problem posted...it gave me confidence to do this job showing me I wasn't the only one in the world with bad bearing on such a low mileage car! PS...Both outer tie rods ends had to be changed on this same car, at 36,000 miles. They were squeaking like crazy...the grease inside was all dried out, and of course these originals did not have grease fittings".

Thanks Steve.