How to Identify Tire Manufactures
December 9, 2002
(Updated 12/13/08)

DOT Markings

Essentially the DOT marking serves as the tire's fingerprint. DOT signifies that the tire complies with U.S. Department of Transportation Tire Safety Standards, and is permitted for highway use.

For example refer to the following markings:

DOT M5H3 459X 064

The first letter and number following DOT designate the tire's manufacturer and plant code. The third, fourth and fifth number and letter, 59X, is the tire size code which is an optional manufacturers code that identifies the tire size and other specific characteristics of the tire. The final three numbers denote when the tire was produced, with the first two indicating the week, and the last number indicating the year (064 indicates the tire was built in the 6th week of 1994).

Write down the DOT number, then open your browser's 'find' or 'search this page' function and insert the first two letters/numbers to locate where your tires were made, and by who.

Codes Location Company
A1 France Michelin
A2 Brazil Lee
A3 Illinois General
A4 Korea Hung-A
A5 Poland Z.O.S.
A6 India Apollo
A7 Thailand Bridgestone
A8 Indonesia Bridgestone
A9 Ohio General
AA Ohio General
AB Texas General
AC N. Carolina General
AD Kentucky General
AE Spain General
AF Portugal General
AH Mexico General
AJ Michigan Uniroyal
AK Massechusetts Uniroyal
AL Wisconsin Uniroyal
AM California Uniroyal
AN Alabama Uniroyal
AO India Wearwell
AP Oklahoma Uniroyal
AT England Avon
AU Ontario Uniroyal
AV Ohio Seiberling
AW Israel Samson
AX Germany Phoenix
AY Germany Pheonix
B1 France Michelin
B2 Malaysia Dunlop
B3 Nova Scotia Michelin
B4 Hungry Taurus
B5 Poland Z.O.S.
B6 S.Carolina Michelin
B7 Alabama Michelin
B8 Brazil Michelin
B9 S.Carolina Michelin
BA Ohio Goodrich
BB Oklahoma Goodrich
BC Pennsylvania Goodrich
BD Oklahoma Goodrich
BE Alabama Goodrich
BF Indiana Goodrich
BH Canada Goodrich
BJ Germany Goodrich
BK Brazil Goodrich
BL Columbia Goodrich
BM Austria Goodrich
BN Phillipines Goodrich
BO Morocco General
BP Iran Goodrich
BT Austria Semperit
BU Ireland Semperit
BV Kentucky IRI
BW Colorado Gates
BX Tennesse Gates
BY Colorado Gates
C1 Nigeria Michelin
C2 Brazil Kelly
C3 Maryland McCreary
C4 Tennessee Dico
C5 Poland Z.O.S.
C6 Czechoslovakia Mitas
C7 Kentucky Ironsides
C8 Taiwan Bridgestone
C9 Taiwan Seven Star
CA Ohio Mohawk
CB Arkansas Mohawk
CC Virgina Mohawk
CD Israel Alliance
CE Connecticutt Armstrong
CF Iowa Armstrong
CH California Armstrong
CJ Japan Inque
CK Tennessee Armstrong
CL Germany Continental
CM Germany Continental
CN France Continental
CO Turkey Goodyear
CP Germany Continental
CT Germany Continental
CU Germany Continental
CV Mississippi Armstrong
CW Japan Toyo
CX Japan Toyo
CY Pennsylvania McCreary
D1 Norway Viking-Askim
D2 Tennessee Dayton
D3 Ontario United
D4 India Dunlop
D5 India Dunlop
D6 Yugoslavia Borovo
D7 S. Africa Dunlop
D8 S. Africa Dunlop
D9 Ontario United
DA New York Dunlop
DB Alabama Dunlop
DC Ontario Dunlop
DD England Dunlop
DE England Dunlop
DF England Dunlop
DH Scotland Dunlop
DJ Ireland Dunlop
DK France Dunlop
DL France Dunlop
DM Germany Dunlop
DN Germany Dunlop
DO Turkey Kelly
DP England Dunlop
DT Australia Dunlop
DU Australia Dunlop
DV Netherlands Vredestein
DW Netherlands Vredestein
DX Netherlands Vredestein
DY Ohio Denman
E1 Taiwan Chung Hsin
E2 Brazil Firestone
E3 Tennessee Seiberling
E4 New Zealand Firestone
E5 S. Africa Firestone
E6 Tunisia Firestone
E7 Kenya Firestone
E8 Ghana Firestone
E9 S. Africa Firestone
EA Germany Metzeler
EB Germany Metzeler
EC Germany Metzeler
ED Japan Okamoto
EE Japan Nitto
EF Korea Hung Ah
EH Japan Bridgestone
EJ Japan Bridgestone
EK Japan Bridgestone
EL Japan Bridgestone
EM Japan Bridgestone
EN Japan Bridgestone
EO Turkey Lee L.T.
EP Japan Bridgestone
ET Japan Sumitomo
EU Japan Sumitomo
EV France Kleber
EW France Kleber
EX France Kleber
EY Germany Kleber
F0 Mississippi American
F1 Scotland Michelin
F2 Venezuela Firestone
F3 France Michelin
F4 Portugal CNB
F5 Argentina FATE
F6 Spain Firestone
F7 Spain Firestone
F8 India Vikrant
F9 New Zealand Dunlop
FA Japan Yokohama
FB Japan Yokohama
FC Japan Yokohama
FD Japan Yokohama
FE Japan Yokohama
FH France Michelin
FJ France Michelin
FK France Michelin
FL France Michelin
FM France Michelin
FN France Michelin
FP Algeria SATI
FT Germany Michelin
FU Germany Michelin
FV Germany Michelin
FW Germany Michelin
FX Belgium Michelin
FY Holland Michelin
H0 Pakistan General
H1 Spain Michelin
H2 Korea Kumho
H3 Yugoslavia Sava
H4 Japan Bridgestone
H5 France Hutchison
H6 Korea Shin Hung
H7 Taiwan Li Hsin
H8 Oklahoma Firestone
H9 Germany Feifen-Berg
HA Spain Michelin
HB Spain Michelin
HC Spain Michelin
HD Italy Michelin
HE Italy Michelin
HF Italy Michelin
HH Italy Michelin
HJ Ireland Michelin
HK Ireland Michelin
HL England Michelin
HM England Michelin
HN Nova Scotia Michelin
HP Vietnam Michelin
HT Italy Ceat
HU Italy Ceat
HV Italy Ceat
HW Czechoslovakia Rudy Rijen
HX Ohio Dayton
HY Oklahoma Dayton
J0 Korea Korea Inocee
J1 Oklahoma Phillips
J2 Singapore Bridgestone
J3 Czechoslovakia Gumarne
J4 Czechoslovakia Rubena
J5 Oklahoma Lee
J6 USSR Jaroslav
J7 Indiana R & J
J8 Shanghai Da Chung
J9 Indonesia P.T. Intriub
JA Ohio Lee
JB Ohio Lee
JC Pennsylvania Lee
JD Maryland Lee
JE Virgina Lee
JF N. Carolina Lee
JH Illinois Lee
JJ Alabama Lee
JK Mississippi Lee
JL California Lee
JM Massachusetts Lee
JN Kansas Lee
JP Texas Lee
JT Tennessee Lee
JU Ontario Lee
JV Ontario Lee
JW Ontario Lee
JX Quebec Lee
JY Argentina Lee
K0 Korea Michelin
K1 Oklahoma Phillips
K2 Kentucky Lee
K3 Taiwan Kenda
K4 Mexico Uniroyal
K5 Germany VEB
K6 Oklahoma Lee
K7 Chile Lee
K8 Malaysia Kelly
K9 Taiwan Natier Tire
KA Australia Lee
KB Australia Lee
KC Brazil Lee
KD Columbia Lee
KE Congo Lee
KF France Lee
KH Germany Lee
KJ Germany Lee
KK Greece Lee
KL Guatamala Lee
KM Luxembourg Lee
KN India Lee
KP Indonesia Lee
KT Italy Lee
KU Jamaica Lee
KV Mexico Lee
KW Peru Lee
KX Phillipines Lee
KY Scotland Lee
L0 France Michelin
L1 Taiwan Goodyear
L2 Korea Wuon Poong
L3 Korea Tong Shin
L4 Romania I.D.A.
L5 Turkey Lassa Lastik
L6 India Modi
L7 Romania I.D.A.
L8 Zimbabwe Dunlop
L9 England Panther
LA S. Africa Lee
LB Sweden Lee
LC Thailand Lee
LD Turkey Lee
LE Venzuela Lee
LF England Lee
LH Austria Uniroyal
LJ Belgium Uniroyal
LK Columbia Llantas
LL France Uniroyal
LM Germany Uniroyal
LN Mexico Uniroyal
LP Scotland Uniroyal
LT Turkey Uniroyal
LU Venzuela Uniroyal
LV Ontario General
LW Sweden Trelleborg
LX Japan Mitsuboshi
LY Japan Mitsuboshi
M1 Morocco Goodyear
M2 Kentucky Goodyear
M3 N. Carolina Michelin
M4 Ohio Goodyear
M5 Nova Scotia Michelin
M6 Oklahoma Goodyear
M7 Chile Goodyear
M8 India Premier
M9 Connecticut Uniroyal
MA Ohio Goodyear
MB Ohio Goodyear
MC Virgina Goodyear
MD Alabama Goodyear
ME Michigan Goodyear
MF California Goodyear
MH Maine Goodyear
MJ Kansas Goodyear
MK Tennessee Goodyear
ML Maryland Goodyear
MM N. Carolina Goodyear
MN Illinois Goodyear
MP Texas Goodyear
MT Pennsylvania Goodyear
MU Argentina Goodyear
MV Austria Goodyear
MW Austria Goodyear
MX Brazil Goodyear
MY Columbia Goodyear
N1 Switzerland Maloja
N2 New York Hurtubise
N3 Japan Nitto
N4 Romania I.D.A.
N5 Germany Pneumant
N6 Germany Pneumant
N7 Romania I.D.A.
N8 Malaysia Lee
N9 Brazil C.P. Tropical
NA Congo Goodyear
NB England Goodyear
NC France Goodyear
ND Germany Goodyear
NE Germany Goodyear
NF Greece Goodyear
NH Guatemala Goodyear
NJ Luxembourg Goodyear
NK India Goodyear
NL Indonesia Goodyear
NM Italy Goodyear
NN Jamaica Goodyear
NP Mexico Goodyear
NT Peru Goodyear
NU Phillipines Goodyear
NV Scotland Goodyear
NW S. Africa Goodyear
NX Sweden Goodyear
NY Thailand Goodyear
P1 Sweden Gislaved
P2 Kentucky Kelly
P3 Sweden Skepplanda
P4 Ohio Kelly
P5 Mexico Genl Popo
P6 Oklahoma Kelly
P7 Chile Kelly
P8 China Oingdao
P9 India MRF
PA Turkey Goodyear
PB Venezuela Goodyear
PC Alberta Goodyear
PD Quebec Goodyear
PE Ontario Goodyear
PF Ontario Goodyear
PG Ontario Goodyear2
PH Marland Kelly
PI Sweden Gislaved
PJ N. Carolina Kelly
PK Illinois Kelly
PL Texas Kelly
PM Pennsylvania Kelly
PN Ohio Kelly
PP Ohio Kelly
PT Virgina Kelly
PU Alabama Kelly
PV Mississippi Kelly
PW California Kelly
PX Maine Kelly
PY Kansas Kelly
T1 Korea Hankook
T2 Poland Uniroyal
T3 Poland Z.O.S.
T4 Belgium Carideng
T5 Yugoslavia Tigar-Pirot
T6 Mexico Hulera Tornel
T7 Korea Hankook
T8 Malaysia Goodyear
T9 India MRF
TA Tennessee Kelly
TB Argentina Kelly
TC Australia Kelly
TD Australia Kelly
TE Brazil Kelly
TF Columbia Kelly
TH Congo Kelly
TJ England Kelly
TK France Kelly
TL Germany Kelly
TM Germany Kelly
TN Greece Kelly
TP Guatamala Kelly
TT Luxembourg Kelly
TU India Kelly
TV Indonesia Kelly
TW Italy Kelly
TX Jamaica Kelly
TY Mexico Kelly
U1 Taiwan Lien Shin
U2 Japan Sumitomo
U3 Yugoslavia Miloje Zakie
U4 Ohio Byers & Sons
U5 Germany Farbenfabrik
U6 Germany Pneumant
U7 Germany Pneumant
U8 Taiwan Nankang
U9 Mississippi Cooper
UA Peru Kelly
UB Phillipines Kelly
UC Scotland Kelly
UD S. Africa Kelly
UE Sweden Kelly
UF Thailand Kelly
UH Turkey Kelly
UJ Venezuela Kelly
UK Alberta Kelly
UL Quebec Kelly
UM Ontario Kelly
UN Ontario Kelly
UP Ohio Cooper
UT Texas Cooper
UU Pennsylvania Carlisle
UV Japan Kzowa
UW Japan Okada
UX Taiwan Tay Feng
UY Taiwan Cheng Shin
V1 Ohio Livingston's
V2 USSR Vsesojuznoe
V3 Taiwan Ta Hsin
V4 Japan Ohtsu
V5 Mexico Firestone
V6 Mexico Firestone
V7 USSR Vsesojuznoe
V8 Sweden Boras
V9 Massachusetts M & R Tire
VA Ohio Firestone
VB Ohio Firestone
VC Georgia Firestone
VD Illinois Firestone
VE Indiana Firestone
VF California Firestone
VH Tennessee Firestone
VJ Pennsylvania Firestone
VK California Firestone
VL Ontario Firestone
VM Alberta Firestone
VN Quebec Firestone
VP Italy Firestone
VT Spain Firestone
VU Pennsylvania Universal
VV Sweden Firestone
VW Japan Ohtsu
VX England Firestone
VY England Firestone
W1 Tennessee Firestone
W2 N. Carolina Firestone
W3 Netherlands Vredestein
W4 Australia Dunlop-Olympic
W5 Argentina Firestone
W6 Phillipines Philtread
W7 Portugal Firestone
W8 Thailand Siam Tyre
W9 Brazil Firestone
WA France Firestone
WB Costa Rica Industria Ak.
WC Austria Firestone
WD Switzerland Firestone
WE Taiwan Nankang
WF Spain Firestone
WH Sweden Firestone
WK Mississippi Mansfield
WL Ohio Mansfield
WM Australia Dunlop-Olympic
WN Australia Olympic
WP Maryland Schenuit
WT India Madras
WU India Ceat
WV Taiwan General
WW Mexico Euzkadi
WX Mexico Euzkadi
WY Mexico Euzkadi
X0 USSR Vsesojuznoe
X1 Korea Tong Shin
X2 Taiwan Hwa Fong
X3 USSR Vsesojuznoe
X4 Iran Pars
X5 India JK Industries
X6 USSR Vsesojuznoe
X7 USSR Vsesojuznoe
X8 USSR Vsesojuznoe
X9 USSR Vsesojuznoe
XA Italy Pirelli
XB Italy Pirelli
XC Italy Pirelli
XD Italy Pirelli
XE Italy Pirelli
XF Spain Pirelli
XH Greece Pirelli
XJ Turkey Pirelli
XK Brazil Pirelli
XL Brazil Pirelli
XM Argentina Pirelli
XN England Pirelli
XP England Pirelli
XT Germany Veith-Pirelli
XU Korea Sam Yang
XV Ontario Dayton
XW Alberta Dayton
XX Iowa Bandag
XY Quebec Dayton
Y1 Brazil Goodyear
Y2 N. Carolina Dayton
Y3 N. Carolina Seberling
Y4 Ohio Dayton
Y5 China Tsen Tai
Y6 Malaysia Dunlop
Y7 Tennessee Bridgestone
Y8 India Bombay
Y9 Indonesia P.T. Gadjah
YA Ohio Dayton
YB Ohio Dayton
YC Georgia Dayton
YD Illinois Dayton
YE Indiana Dayton
YF California Dayton
YH Tennessee Dayton
YJ Pennsylvania Dayton
YK California Dayton
YL Finland Oy Nokia
YM Ohio Seberling
YN Ohio Seberling
YP Georgia Seberling
YT Illinois Seberling
YU Indiana Seberling
YV California Seberling
YW Tennessee Seberling
YX Pennsylvania Seberling
YY California Seberling

This question came up at Beech Hill Auto this weekend with a call from a customer.   "I know they don't say Cooper on them Ma'am, but they are made by Cooper".   A call to the distributor followed that went something like   " I need to know who made them, I won't lie to my customers, I'm telling them there made by Cooper ... ".   The distributor said they were.

I got thinking about this because I've heard it all my life. Besides that, the same day I heard that conversation, Phil put two of those " they are made by Cooper " tires on my car. I wanted the Cooper name too.   So, I may not be able to change a tire, but I can research the fuck out of who makes 'em !

I thought about this going to work this morning, did some searching and came up with this website and lookup form.   At -5 below zero I found my tire said
  DOT UP something and something ... The results of my search were that my tires were made by Cooper Tire and Rubber Company in Findlay, Ohio.