April 19, 2014
Chris Donnelly  
- Wicked Racing Products -

Piermont, NH  
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Tom Suitor and


On Saturday my brother David and I visited Chris Donnelly at his race shop in Piermont, NH. The shop is the home of Wicked Racing Products where Chris sells race car parts and his wife, Julie, operates Vision Signworks. With the 2014 racing season fast approaching, it was a busy place.

From go-karts to sprint cars:  30 years of playing in the dirt.

In a few weeks, 3-time Sprint Cars of New England (SCoNE) champion Chris Donnelly will strap into his 650 HP ground pounding 360 winged sprint car to compete in his 30th season of racing. On May 24th Chris will unload his #17 sprint car at Bear Ridge Speedway where it all began.

In 1984 Bill Donnelly, a former Army mechanic and racing enthusiast, built a go-kart with his son and headed for the dirt track up the road in Bradford, VT. After 4 years Chris not only got dirty at Bear Ridge and the 1/8 mile track in Lyndonville, he got good! It was time to move up.

Chris and his long time friend, Jeff Hebb, chipped in 50 bucks a piece and bought an old Chevy Nova and built an enduro car. Their first adventure in full-fendered racing would be a 125 lap enduro at the Ridge with 98 cars entered in it. I asked him how many laps he completed, he laughed, then replied, "125, I won it!" That 1990 race paid $1000 to win and 17 year old Chris Donnelly was on his way to an extraordinary racing career.        
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Sprint Cars of New England (SCoNE) director, Mike Kondrat, left, presenting Chris
his 2013 championship trophy.

"The sprint cars are a lot of fun. They're fast enough so you're pretty well scared
all the time!" - Chris Donnelly

Chris's sprint car waiting for the motor and body panels.

2010 SCoNE win

Wicked Racing Products - 69 Arron Rd, Piermont, NH - 603-272-4330

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