Russ Clark - Littleton, NH
02 Napa Late Model

06/28/09   Well, for the 3rd weekend in a row, "another wrecked front end!" Russ started 3rd in his heat race and finished 3rd, qualifying for, and starting 17th, in the ACT 150 lapper. The race was a rough one and contact tore up the front end, buckling the hood, making it very difficult to see. The #02 finished 5th among the WMMP late models. The car was not a pretty sight, but the team was upbeat and determined to make the necessary repairs and be ready for next weeks race.

"I had to drive to Gardner Levetts in Maine last night after work to get a left front fender, left door, and nose piece. Not how I wanted to start, but I have been at it long enough to expect it once and awhile. I think Im going to design a quick disconnect body for five star, we're getting good at it!!!!!!!!"

Another wrecked front end!   Last weekend Russ and his 'blue beauty' took a hard ride into the wall during the final laps of the feature. I'm not sure how much room some of these young late model drivers need, but they need to pay more attention out there. The veterans can help them a lot if they're willing to listen and learn. But maybe Ron White is right,
"You can't fix stupid."

June 26, 2009   
Off with the second wrecked nose . . .

. . . on with the first wrecked nose.

Having some fun with Amber the soccer playing pooch.
She's one hell of a goalie.

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